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  • Who uses your self storage units?

    Our self storage units are used by private individuals and business owners who need to store possessions, stock, tools or anything else that they don’t have room for at home or in their workplace.

    They are used by students, homeowners, tradespeople (who use them to store materials and supplies), e-commerce companies, retailers, caterers and a multitude of other businesses.

    They offer an affordable, convenient solution to anyone who lives near one of our fast-growing network of 28+ UK self storage centres – and units can be used to store almost anything!

  • Should I choose self storage at a depot or rent a container at my home?

    There’s no right or wrong answer here, but a few things to consider include:

    • Are you able to easily place a container on your property?
    • Have you thought about the delivery cost of having a container come to you? It could be a journey of an hour or more by truck, so this cost needs to be factored in.
    • How would a container look at your property (and how will your neighbours feel about it)?
    • How far do you live from your nearest self storage depot? If it’s only a short drive, self storage might be appealing.
    • Does your local self storage depot have the exact size storage unit you need? If not, at-home storage may be better.
    • How important is 24/7 access? Some of our depots offer this – but not all, so please check.

    The big advantage of self storage is that it’s all taken care of by someone else – us! There’s no delivery fee, no nosy neighbours, and no long-term tie-ins.

    However, if your nearest depot is 50 miles away, renting a container at your home might be a better solution. Check out our locations to see what works for you.

  • How big are your self storage units?

    They vary from 5ft to 40ft – though not every depot has the full range of sizes. Be sure to check what’s available by clicking on the details of your nearest depot (just scroll down to the map).

  • Is there a self storage depot near me?

    Head here to see where your nearest depot is (scroll down for the map).

  • Are your self storage depots safe?

    All sites have a secure perimeter fence and gate, and many have monitored CCTV installed.

  • What kind of security do your individual lockups have?

    They come with a heavy-duty padlock that we provide. They also have a reinforced steel lock box to protect the lock.

  • Can I add additional locks/security features?

    Yes. Your unit will have vertical locking bars, which can be individually locked if you choose to add your own locking device(s).

  • Can I add lights and/or a plug socket?

    Unfortunately, this is not possible, though all of our depots are floodlit. Battery-powered magnetic lights may, of course, be added.

  • Can I drive right up to my unit?

    You can park directly outside most of our units. Some, however, are on the first floor, so you’ll need to climb stairs to access them. Others are arranged in a corridor formation, which means you can’t park directly outside your door. Please ask when booking.

  • Can I visit my unit 24/7?

    You can do this at some of our self storage centres, but not all. Please take a moment to read the opening times when checking out the information page for your nearest depot.

  • How do I access an unmanned self storage depot?

    You will either be provided with an access code or a key, depending on which system is in use at your container depot.

  • What kind of flooring will my self storage unit have?

    Almost all our units have eco-friendly bamboo flooring. This covers the steel base of your unit.

  • Is there a limit on the weight of the products I can have in storage?

    Our units can hold up to 30 tonnes.

  • Are there restrictions on what I can do inside my self storage rental unit (drilling, grinding, sawing wood, etc.)?

    Self storage units are not workshops. Nor are they a substitute for offices or workplaces. They are designed for storage only, and your terms and conditions clearly set out what is and what isn’t allowed. Please contact us if you need more information.

  • What can I do if I don't like the unit I have been allocated or want a different size?

    Just let us know. We’ll do everything we can to accommodate you, though you may have to go on a waiting list if your preferred choice is not currently available.

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