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  • Is it better to rent or buy containers?

    This depends on a number of factors. Most of our clients prefer to rent: our 20ft storage container for hire is our most popular model. Our rates are very competitive, and some clients find renting even makes sense when keeping a container for several years. Plus, we’ll pick it up when you’re finished.

    Renting also gives you the option of changing your container if your needs change, and it can also help with budgeting.

    If you plan on using a container for many years, buying can be an option – though you will have the responsibility of selling it on when you’re finished.

    Please note that if you want to make permanent alterations to your container, then buying is the only option. Buying may also be attractive if you’re certain you will keep your container through decades of very hard wear and that it will be in very poor condition when you’ve finished with it.

  • How do I order a container?

    Please just fill in our simple online quote form, which you’ll also find on every container page. When completing your quote, you have the option of telling us about any special requirements at the end, such as any accessories you are interested in.

  • Can I rent a container as a private individual?

    Yes. Many of our customers are individuals who rent as little as one container – or sometimes as many as a dozen. We have multiple containers well suited to domestic use, including 8ft storage containers, 10ft containers and our popular 20-footers.

  • Why should I choose TITAN?

    We’re one of the UK’s largest container hire companies and have been in business for more than 35 years. Everything we rent or sell is stock that we own (literally thousands of containers) – meaning we don’t take your order and then try to source what you need from a third party.

    Our teams are helpful, reliable and genuine container experts. Give us a call or start a free online quote and find out for yourself.

  • I want a large number of containers for a commercial project. How many can you supply?

    We’re here for you! We have one of the largest stocks of containers to be found in the UK and can meet even the largest orders. We have clients who rent literally hundreds of containers from us. Just give us a call or start a free online quote.

  • What are your containers made of?

    The majority of our containers are shipping-grade containers, meaning they are built to the highest possible standards. They are made from toughened corten steel, sometimes known as weathering steel.

    This has a far superior resistance to corrosion than other types of steel, meaning a new (1-trip) container can last for 30 or 40 years or more if it is well maintained.

    Our only product that is not fully shipping grade is our easy open 20ft storage container this is due to a lighter construction and 3 bar door design allowing easier access to your contents, perfect for your storage needs.

  • How high can I stack TITAN containers?

    In most cases, two is the maximum. However, as high as nine may be possible, but you will need to get appropriate permission. Twist locks will also be an essential accessory when ordering if you plan on stacking, as these are specifically designed to hold stacked containers together.

    Please contact us if you need more details about container stacking. It’s a specialist area that needs to be approached with safety in mind.

    If I stack containers, how do I get up to the top one?

    Great question! We rent stairs for this – please contact us for details.

  • Can I drive a forklift straight into a container?

    Yes – provided your ramps are strong enough. The ones we have available for hire have a load weight of 500kg and are designed for trolleys, not forklifts.

    Some clients construct a concrete ramp for their forklifts, which would be a stronger more permanent solution. If renting, it is advised to do this carefully as you will be liable to cover any costs of repairing damage caused to the container.

  • Are these your own containers, or do you source them after I have ordered?

    All the containers we offer are our own. If you’re buying a new container and it doesn’t exist across our entire UK network (which is unlikely), we’ll have it shipped in from China, which is where almost all UK containers are made.

  • I don't have space for a container – can you keep it somewhere safe for me?

    This may be possible, though it is not a service we actively offer as our depots are busy places and accessing your container may be difficult.

    If you don’t have room to store your container at home or your workplace, we always recommend trying one of our 28+ self storage depots instead.

  • Can you transport a loaded container to a different destination for me?

    While we are not a logistics/haulage company, we offer this service as part of our home removals package. We’ll bring the container to your home and move it to your new address when ready.

    Please note that our Hiab crane trucks can only lift up to six tonnes, which includes the weight of the container.

    If you’re a commercial customer and need help and advice on moving loaded trailers, please get in touch, and we’ll be happy to share some tips about getting the best out of haulage companies.

  • Do I need planning permission to put a container at my home or workplace?

    This is something you should always investigate with your local council before ordering. If you only plan on keeping the container for a short amount of time, then planning permission can sometimes be avoided. But don’t take this as a given!

  • What kind of internal/external modifications am I allowed to make if I am renting a container?

    None, unfortunately – unless they don’t interfere in any way with the structure of your container. You’re expected to return your container in the condition you received it, and holes of any kind will affect the container’s waterproof qualities.

    Some clients add free-standing shelving and battery-powered stick-on lighting, both of which are fine.

  • If I buy a container, can I sell it back to you once I'm done with it?

    No. We don’t offer container buy-backs.

  • Is there a depot near me?

    Probably! We have more than 20 container depots, and most of them are within a relatively short drive of the UK population. Check out our destinations page to see the full list of depots.

  • How can I find out what my local depot has in stock?

    Just call or email us and tell us where you are based and what you’re interested in. We’ll let you know what’s available.

  • What if my local depot doesn't have what I need?

    We regularly move stock between depots and can usually get the container you need quickly. Moving a specific container from the other side of the country to your local depot may, however, push up the delivery price.

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