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  • How much does container delivery cost?

    The price varies according to the distance our delivery truck needs to travel from the depot where the container is to your destination. It’s for this reason that we always recommend renting or buying a unit that your local TITAN centre has in stock – even if it’s not a 100% match (it’s not your preferred colour, for example).

    If the exact model you want is halfway across the country, we can still deliver – but the price will increase.

  • What trucks do you use for delivery?

    We usually use Hiabs – trucks that have a loading crane directly behind the driver’s cab. It means we can bring your container to your destination and then position it where you request using just one vehicle.

  • How long does the installation/delivery process take?

    It typically takes 30 minutes or less. Please note that if your site is not ready or there are complications, delivery fees may rise. Our standard delivery price includes 30 minutes for installation.

  • What kind of surface does a container need to be placed on?

    It must be placed on a stable, firm, level surface. It’s important that you take a moment to read our delivery guide before ordering.

  • Can the delivery driver put the container in the exact spot I need?

    In most cases, yes. However, there are limits to what can be achieved, which is why it’s important to read our delivery guide before making your booking.

  • Can you drive across a field for delivery?

    No. The truck and container are heavy, and the chances of the vehicle becoming stuck are too great. You’ll struggle to find any UK container company that will deliver across unstable ground.

  • Do your delivery drivers have any specific access requirements?

    Yes. It’s essential that no brushes, branches, wires or other obstacles are in the way of the truck when entering. There also needs to be sufficient space for the lift – and you should give consideration to the weight of the total truck load, too. We highly recommend reading our quick delivery guide before placing your order.

  • What if the container doesn't fit or the site is unsuitable when it gets here?

    Please do all you can to ensure this won’t happen before ordering, as fees will apply if our truck has to return to the depot with the container. Our delivery guide is the best place to start.

  • I live on a residential street. Can a container be placed on the road?

    We have worked with customers in the past who received permission from the council to do this, but it’s not an overnight process and needs planning. If this option is appealing to you, we recommend speaking to your local authority and starting the permit/permissions process well in advance of your intended container delivery date.

  • I won't be in when my container is delivered – is this OK?

    We need a designated person to be there during delivery. It doesn’t have to be you, but we can’t deliver if there’s no one there to meet us. Please check out our delivery guide.

  • Do I need permission to put a container on my drive/in my garden?

    Possibly – especially if it will interfere in any way with your neighbours. Always check with your council before ordering. Also, consider access for delivery, as road closure permits are quite often required, and these are the buyer’s/renter’s responsibility.

  • Can I collect a container myself or use a third party?

    Yes, we are happy to accommodate this. Please let us know your plans when completing our quote form.

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