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  • I am renting a container for shipping/storage. What security features does it come with?

    Almost all our containers come with a lock box. This is a tough steel cover for your padlock (not supplied), which makes it much more difficult for would-be thieves to break the lock.

    Our large containers also come with four vertical locking bars (many other companies only provide containers with three locking bars). These are held in place by your main padlock and help to ensure that your doors are kept firmly shut.

    If you wish, you can add additional padlocks for each of these locking bars. External horizontal bars are also available that can be placed over the vertical bars on your container to provide a further level of protection.

  • Do you sell locks?

    Yes. The one we recommend and sell is the Squire WS75. It is an extremely heavy-duty lock that has proved itself again and again.

  • How safe is a locked container?

    The lock box that comes as standard with almost all of our containers provide a surprising level of security. As long as you use a top-spec, heavy-duty lock, the lock box makes it incredibly difficult to prise off the lock or get to it with an angle grinder.

  • What is a lock box?

    A lock box is a sturdy piece of metal welded to the door of your container that covers the padlock. Without it, thieves could potentially break your lock with relative ease. The lock box shields your lock so that it becomes much less vulnerable and improves security.

  • Can I fit CCTV to my container?

    Yes. One way to do this is to mount it to a piece of scaffold tube affixed to the top corner of your container. Please note that this isn’t permitted on rental containers unless you can find a way to do it that doesn’t affect the structural integrity of the container or damage the metal in any way. A pole secured into concrete outside your unit, for example, would be one way to achieve this.

  • What is the safest place to keep my container?

    Just like any building or vehicle, the more remote and dark the location of your container, the more time a potential thief will have to try to break in. Common sense applies – a well-lit area with plenty of passing footfall is likely to be safer than a dark, hidden spot.

  • Someone has broken into my container – can you repair it?

    Yes – please get in touch to find out how we can help.

  • Is it possible to get insurance for a container?

    Yes. We don’t provide this, but container insurance is widely available.

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