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  • Is it better to rent or buy a reefer container?

    Cold storage units can represent a financial outlay that may not fit for all businesses, which is why many of our customers choose to rent from us instead.

    As well as reducing the initial financial outlay, the rental option also allows mitigation of risk around unforeseen business developments, expansion/reconfiguration options and also includes 24/7 breakdown cover.

    As well as being more affordable, renting a container comes with unbeatable flexibility. Whenever your needs change, you can scale up or down.

  • What does 'flexible rental' mean?

    Many of our cold storage clients have seasonal demands, evolving business dynamics or production forecasts that may change. As a result, they need flexibility in their cold storage capacity.

    To facilitate this, we offer all of our ArcticStore models on flexible rental terms, allowing you to determine the best solution for your needs. That means you can choose the duration that works best for you and we will provide you with a rate based on that duration.

    You can also swap models or add additional ones as needed. One example of this in action is when clients rent a modular Arctic SuperStore cold storage solution from us. This is made up of multiple connected reefer containers configured to your exact specifications.

    Flexible rental terms allow you to maintain a core of two or three ArcticStores, for example, and add an ArcticBlast blast freezer every June-August.

  • What sizes do your refrigerated containers come in?

    Our smallest model is the portable Arctic MiniStore, an 8ft model that we can tow to the location of your choice. This is especially popular among events and catering clients.

    Our signature model, the ArcticStore, is a static unit that is available in 10ft, 20ft and 40ft sizes. We also have blast freezers (the ArcticBlast) in 20ft and 40ft units and an UltraFreezer capable of chilling to minus 75 degrees in 20ft and 40ft sizes.

  • What are the temperature ranges of your refrigerated containers?

    Our signature ArcticStore model has a temperature range of -40°C to +45°C and is the ideal choice for most customers. Our ArcticBlast freezer has the same temperature range but can freeze products much more quickly.

    For extreme temperatures needed for oily fish like tuna and also vaccines, TITAN’s Arctic UltraFreezer can freeze down to -75°C.

    While the ArcticStore and ArcticBlast can both keep products warm up to +45°C, we also offer a solution if higher temperatures are required. Our HotStore is available in 20ft and 40ft units and can heat up to a blistering +85°C.

  • Which ArcticStore model should I choose?

    In most cases, our signature model, the ArcticStore, is the ideal choice. Not only does it have a wide temperature range (-40°C to +45°C), but it is also available in three different sizes – 10ft, 20ft and 40ft.

    Additionally, multiple units can be combined to create your very own Arctic SuperStore – a modular cold-storage warehouse of any shape or size.

    While we regularly deliver ArcticStores to festivals, shows, and large catering events, a more suitable option for smaller events is the Arctic MiniStore. This can be towed by one of our pick-up trucks to many destinations across the UK and can chill down to -25°C.

    If blast-freezing is required – for preserving the flavour and nutrients in fruit, for example – we recommend the ArcticBlast, which is ideal for rapid chilling, blast freezing and tempering.

    Clients who need to store frozen fish such as tuna – as well as biopharma clients – choose our Arctic UltraFreezer, which takes temperatures as low as -75°C.

  • How much energy does a refrigerated container use?

    It depends on the container in question and how it is being used. Typically, an ArcticStore container with a Thermo King cooling unit will use between 2kW to 7kW of electricity per hour once down to your required temperature.

    However, the way in which the unit is being operated will play a big part in actual energy usage. The many variables include:

    • How often are the doors opened?
    • How long are they left open?
    • Is the pause button used when loading?
    • What is the initial temperature of the product being stored?
    • What is your chosen set point temperature?
    • What is the ambient temperature externally?

    Because so many different factors play a part in energy consumption, it is essential to apply operational best practices to ensure that each unit’s application and efficiency is optimised. Our SmartArctic remote control and monitoring system can help with this.

  • What is a cooling unit on a refrigerated container?

    Reefer containers have one or more cooling units, which is often also called a cooling machine. Just like the cooling unit on your freezer at home, this is the electronic equipment that does all the hard work.

    The cooling units in our ArcticStore containers are mostly made by the respected American company Thermo King, and they can be adjusted to meet your temperature requirements. We also offer a remote monitoring and control system called SmartArctic.

    The tech in your cold storage container doesn’t end there: all refrigerated containers have energy-efficient internal lighting, as well as state-of-the-art insulation to avoid heat leakage.

  • Do your cold storage containers come with instructions?

    Yes. All of the models in our ArcticStore range come with full instructions.

  • Are your cold storage solutions GDP compliant?

    They can be supplied GDP (Good Distribution Practice) compliant on request.

  • Can you modify cold storage units to meet my exact needs?

    We like to be as flexible as we can, but as most clients rent, we have to be mindful of the future use of your container when you return it. Please get in touch with any specific requests or provide some details when completing our quick quote form.

    The area in which we have the most flexibility is when clients come to us to rent a modular cold storage warehouse – also known as an Arctic SuperStore.

  • How loud are refrigerated containers?

    Our ArcticStore containers are 79 decibels when operating, which is similar to the inside of an aeroplane. This exceeds permitted levels in some commercial settings, which is why we offer acoustic cabins as an optional extra.

    These shield the cooling unit on your container and bring the sound level down by 25%, which makes them suitable for permitted use in any environment.

  • What is an Arctic SuperStore?

    An Arctic SuperStore is a combination of 20ft and 40ft ArcticStores (and ArcticBlasts, if required) that can be configured to your exact specifications to form a modular cold storage warehouse. These can be arranged in sections or left open plan – whichever solution meets your needs.

    We have installed more than 600 of these all over the world, and the largest we have created to date has a floor plan of almost 800m2. But we can go even bigger if required!

    The great thing about our SuperStores is that they can be upscaled, downscaled or completely reconfigured as your needs change. And as they are temporary buildings, they often escape many of the rules and regulations that affect permanent structures.

  • Does the ArcticStore unit have a facility for datalogging?

    Yes. Our ArcticStore units are fitted with a remote monitoring system called SmartArctic. This captures a range of data and transmits it via GPS, allowing you to view and control the unit from your desktop or phone.

    Data logging includes the capture of temperature profiles, events and alarms, which can also be extracted in Excel format if required.

    As well as managing data, SmartArctic enables you to control your units remotely via our easy-to-use online platform. You can change temperature setpoints, request status updates, reset alarms, and initiate manual defrosts of the unit.

    This incredibly valuable tool also gives you insight into operational trends and provides opportunities for improvement and the introduction of operational best practices. Please contact us for more details about what SmartArctic can do for you.

  • Is there a maximum size for a SuperStore?

    Theoretically, no. The largest we have created to date is 800m2, but bigger still is possible. Please contact us to discuss what you need.

  • What safety features do your ArcticStore units have?

    Our reefer containers come with:

    • Single-handed operation for easy opening and closing.
    • Sensible door handle height for users. No bending to open and close the doors.
    • Internal LED lighting.
    • Trapped personnel alarm.
    • Fluorescent safety information and illustrations.
    • ‘Pause refrigeration’ switches immediately upon entry (2020 models onwards).
    • Internal door release and/or emergency escape hatch.
  • Are your reefer containers insulated?

    Yes. They are heavily insulated and carefully designed to keep both cold air in and external heat out. All newer ArcticStore models bear the Arctic Tropical logo, which indicates that they have even more sophisticated levels of insulation.

  • What is the minimum rental term for one of your refrigerated containers?

    Our standard minimum rental period is one week. However, you can rent cold storage containers on a shorter basis – for an event, for example.

    Our aim is to provide you with the solution that is the best fit for your needs, and our flexible terms reflect that. Please fill in our quote form to find out how much your proposed rental would cost.

  • What are the power requirements for your refrigerated containers?

    ArcticStore units require a 415V 3-phase electrical supply with a 32-Amp D-Rated breaker and 5-pin female connector at your site location.

  • Do your refrigerated containers have internal lights?

    Yes. They are all fitted with LED internal lighting.

  • Am I expected to maintain my rented cold storage containers?

    Other than keeping them in a clean and tidy condition – no. Maintenance is included with all of our rental contracts.

  • What extras/accessories are available for your cold storage containers?

    We have a range of optional add-ons when renting ArcticStore containers. These include:

    • A selection of ramps to facilitate easy loading and unloading.
    • Support legs – to elevate your containers to loading bay height.
    • Acoustic cabins, which help to reduce decibel emissions and allow for 24/7 use in all areas.
    • SmartArctic remote control and monitoring.

    Please let us know what you need when filling out our quick quote form.

  • What's the best way to load and store food products into a reefer container?

    Some general rules of thumb include:

    • First in, first out – the product you loaded first should be the product you unload first. This helps ensure that goods don’t become out of date. To facilitate this, it’s important to be able to access products throughout your container at all times.
    • Keep your products clean – however they are packaged, make sure your goods are clean and free from contamination when loading.
    • Don’t overstack – overstacking makes it difficult to access your goods and can also interfere with airflow. Cold storage containers need a consistent, even airflow to ensure temperatures are maintained across all of your products.
  • Can your cold storage containers be used to transport goods?

    No. While we can move them around your workplace if your needs change, they are not intended for keeping goods chilled when in transit.

    We have a small number of marine cold storage containers which can be powered while on board a cargo ship, but these are not part of our extensive ArcticStore collection.

  • Are there restrictions on what can be kept in your cold storage units?

    You are not allowed to store corrosive materials in our ArcticStore containers or anything that may damage their structure.

  • What condition will my rented refrigerated container be in?

    All of our stock is in excellent condition, and your unit(s) will be offered in a ‘new’ or ‘like-new’ condition.

  • Will my container be cleaned before delivery?

    Yes, all of our reefer containers are thoroughly cleaned before delivery.

  • Can I drive a forklift straight into a reefer container?

    No, you can use a forklift to load product inside the door of the unit but then a pallet truck would be needed to position the pallet where it is required inside. A refrigerated container is not high enough to allow a forklift entry.

    You also need to be mindful of the fact that any damage caused to your container will incur additional costs.

  • Can I hitch one of your Arctic MiniStores to the back of my car or van?

    No, we use our own four-wheel-drive pick-up trucks for this. The reason we don’t allow self-hire is primarily down to insurance, as well as the possibility of the towing vehicle being ill-suited to transporting the MiniStore to the precise location it is needed.

    The last thing you want before an important catering event is to be stranded in the middle of a field!

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