Self-storage rooms for hire

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Secure 24/7 customer access with drive to and park beside storage rooms in new shipping containers.


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Alconbury, Avonmouth, Bradford, Bristol, Caxton, Colchester, Darlington, Gainsborough, Glasgow, Grays, Halifax, Hull East, Hull West, Huntingdon, Manchester, Melton Mowbray, Poole, Southampton, Warrington, West Thurrock, Wigan, Woolston and Wythenshawe.



No matter if you're looking to store contents of your home whilst in between moving homes, if your business needs extra space to reach its full potential or just need need a little extra space without breaking the bank, we are able to offer storage rooms at superb value. 

B2B and Commercial storage needs 


Our self storage sites across the UK offer inexpensive storage options in shipping containers which allowes you to drive up and park right next to your room - ideal if you're loading tools and need regular access. Most sites have complimentary 24/7 so you can come or go whenever suits you and your work schedule. 


If you just require a little bit of extra space at the lowest possible price, some of our biggest sites also have our MultiStore storage concepts, where you can access smaller rooms on the first floor. These rooms are popular choices for achives and filing or if your business is seasonal and you don't require drive to access. 


get in touch today to find out which options are best tailored to your needs.  

B2C storage for private and domestic customers 


The reasons for needing a few extra square metres of storage space can be many. Perhaps you are moving home, renovating or maybe you'd just like to free up on those precious square feet in your home. No matter the circumstances, our brand new and wind/water tight shipping containers are a safe and a cost effective way of storing your belongings. 


You can store just about anything in a shipping container as long as it doesn't exceed the height, length and width of the unit itself - your furniture, household electrical items or garden equipment can all be kept safe and sound for however long you need it to be in storage.


All of our sites offer ground floor units, which are convenient if you need regular access. Selected, larger sites also have our MultiStore concept available, which are super cost effective, first floor provides smaller rooms if you only need a little bit of space and more suitable if you don't need access to your belongings on a daily basis. 

We are local, we are global, we are TITANS


We have sites across the UK and are also proud to be able to offer storage solutions in many other countries worldwide; we are currently active in 11 countries and continue to develop our self storage landscape on a rolling basis.


If you are moving between countries or have internal business opportunities, we will be happy to help wherever we are able and can often assist with cost effective transportation too. 

Most popular container Sizes


If a lot is what you're after, one of our 40' shipping containers is a good as it gets!

This is a possible choice with both business and private customers and will comfortably store the contents from a 3-4 bedroom house if taking advantage of the total cubic capacity.

Measurements (imperial and metric)

Floor area: 304 Ft2 / 28 M2
Cubic capacity: 1070 Ft3 / 31 M3
Length: 39.46 feet / 12 metres
Width: 7.70 feet / 2.35 metres
Height: 7.84 feet / 2.69 metres


This is our most popular size and is on offer in every single self storage location - subject to availability.

A great choice with both business and private customers and will comfortably store the contents from a 2 bedroom house or larger items if taking advantage of the total cubic capacity.

Measurements (imperial and metric)

Floor area: 149 Ft2 / 14 M2
Cubic capacity: 1166 Ft3 / 37 M3
Length: 19.32 feet / 5.90 metres
Width: 7.70 feet / 2.35 metres
Height: 7.84 feet / 2.70 metres


If you only need a little extra space for selected pieces of furniture or a couple of medium-large items, a 10' container could be ideal for you.

This is a good option for both business and private customers and will comfortable store the contents from smaller properties or filling paperwork and keeping a record of your archive. We also offer 6' and 8' units which are smaller still.

Measurements (imperial and metric)

Floor area: 71 Ft2 / 7 M2
Cubic capacity: 560 Ft3 / 18 M3
Length: 9.28 feet / 2.83 metres
Width: 7.70 feet / 2.35 metres
Height: 7.84 feet / 2.69 metres



In our sites in Manchester Wythenshawe, West Thurrock Lakeside and Hull we have our new, specially built MultiStore concepts, which feature safe and secure indoor storage. They are placed on the top floor and offer exceptional value for money storage.


For added ease and convenience they have been fitted with roller shutter doors and provide storage from micro sizes to medium sizes and are perfect to lock up and leave until you're ready to unpack at a later stage! 







Why choose TITAN Containers? 


There are many benefits of storing with us - please get in touch to let us help you reach your storage goals. We will help keep all the things that matter safe and secure until you're ready to unpack. We have a minimum hire term of just 30 days and usually don't need more than a days notice when you don't need the storage anymore - this means you'll never pay for storage you don't need. 

TITAN Containers offer storage solutions and are not limited to self storage.


We are a world leading supplier of standard shipping containers and ArcticStore refrigerated storage units and if you are looking for more information, you can follow the below links